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  • Indi­vi­dual Nutri­tion Counseling
  • Custom-Made Fasting Plans
  • Hypno­the­rapy

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I am a natur­o­path in private prac­tice, hypno­the­ra­pist and hypno­coach, fasting guide, owner of a crazy immune system, medi­cine-obsessed and always looking for answers…. and much more (the whole biography here)

Deine Lisa
Lisa Dost­mann

Coaching & Support

Are you looking for a spar­ring partner and someone who knows from personal expe­ri­ence the obsta­cles of living with an immune system gone wild and who brings medical back­ground know­ledge and coaching skills in equal amounts to the table?

Nutri­tion Counseling

Are you looking for someone to help you with a dietary change or fasting project because you don’t know how best to go about it?

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New Ideas

Maybe you need someone to help you tackle and look at things differently?

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Get “unstuck”

You want to work on yourself because you realize that you are somehow “stuck”?

Find Tran­qui­lity

Ever­yone talks about medi­ta­tion, rela­xa­tion or “brain retrai­ning” — but that doesn’t give you much so far?

No false Promises

Not in the mood for any “miracle workers”?

Then we have some­thing in common 😉

On my way to all the diagnoses and living reason­ably well with my illnesses, I also have encoun­tered people who have suggested that I can have my “old” life back if I just work hard enough on myself, think posi­tively, eat according to diet X or take herb Y.

I’ll tell you right away: I find such promises unse­rious and dange­rous because they often leave the person in despair when the inter­ven­tion doesn’t work. Not infre­quently, people then blame themselves.

What can I do for you?

Often I can help make life easier again and enable you to live a better life with a hormone or immune system gone crazy. There is no guarantee, except that I honestly promise to do my best. If I feel I can’t help, I say so.

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Coaching & Support
- As You Need It!

A mix — as it is best for you out of my special disciplines

  • Nutri­tion coun­se­ling & fasting plans (Note: I do not force anyone to fast 😉 )
  • my know­ledge from my prac­tice as an in Germany licensed natur­o­path, active member of orga­niz­a­tions dedi­cated to helping pati­ents with aller­gies and mast cell disease, and my expe­ri­ence as a patient.
  • Hypnosis as hypno­the­ra­pist and trained hypno­coach (only if you want)
  • Breath work (Buteyko method)
  • Gut flora coaching toge­ther with a micro­bio­lo­gist and expert in this field, if desired, because I am not shy to work with others!

This sounds good?

Free 20 minute initial consul­ta­tion when it’s conve­nient for you!

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Sounds good, but…

  • “I am not sure.” — No problem, the first 20 minutes are free.
  • “I don’t know how much the consul­ting costs.” — 1) There is no harm in asking 🙂 2) I know how diffi­cult it is some­times when you are chro­ni­cally ill. In this spirit: I offer a special rate for finan­cial hardship cases. This also applies to my practice!
  • “Still not convinced though…” — That’s okay. Maybe just start with my news­letter packed with infor­ma­tion that might inte­rest you?

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praxisdostmann Personal treatment in my practice

Personal treat­ment in my practice

In my prac­tice, as a natur­o­path, I am allowed to initiate labo­ra­tory diagnostics and treat my pati­ents compre­hen­si­vely — moreover, as a member of a healing profes­sion, my services are exempt from value added tax.

I can also use therapy methods that may only be used on-site in the prac­tice or by members of a health profession.

  • Indi­vi­dual, labo­ra­tory-based diagnostics
  • Nutri­tion & Fasting Therapy
  • Hypnosis as a therapy method
  • Phyto­the­rapy & Ortho­mole­cular Medicine
  • Infrared Hyper­thermia

If you have a specific medical concern or would like thera­peutic guid­ance, please feel free to contact me via my prac­tice page.

G. B.G. B.

I came to the Dost­mann prac­tice with the following topics: recur­ring heada­ches and inci­pient meno­pausal symptoms.
The calm and compe­tent manner of Mrs. Dost­mann made me trust immedia­tely. She listened care­fully and took her time. I felt unders­tood and taken seriously.
Your thera­peutic approach showed an effect very quickly and I feel fitter and the quality of sleep is impro­ving incre­a­singly. I’m very grateful.
The atmo­s­phere in the prac­tice is plea­sant (high quality and very well equipped) and the spacious parking spaces in front of the house.
I felt very well advised and can only recom­mend Ms. Dostmann.

Lennart KLennart K

I recently visited the prac­tice as I am curr­ently chan­ging my diet. I was curious because you often get a wide variety of advice. However, I was convinced of the expert advice from Ms. Dost­mann from the start and felt that I was well advised. I also found it plea­sant that Ms. Dost­mann was open to ques­tions and took the time to answer them in detail. Another plus is the easy acces­si­bi­lity via the Winter­hausen train station and the modern equip­ment of the prac­tice. For this reason, a clear recommendation.

Erika AErika A

Clear recom­men­da­tion! Top!
Addi­tion July 8th, 2021
I’d like to add a few lines here after my 5‑star award a few months ago. Ms. Dost­mann takes a lot of time for the patient, she looks at him holisti­cally and adds the labo­ra­tory values ​​and avail­able findings. Right from the start I felt comfor­table, accepted and, above all, took it seriously. I am glad that I found my way to her after a long history of suffe­ring. She changed my diet, my beha­vior was analyzed and I changed it with her help. Your hypnosis is bene­fi­cial and insightful and, along with the other measures, has helped a lot. I’m very satis­fied. Thank you, Ms. Dostmann

Coaching request

Hey! Awesome that you want to work with me.

For a free initial talk contact me here. If you want to start working with me, right away, just say so because you will then get a ques­ti­onn­aire deli­vered to your mail inbox.

If you just want to consult me for a very specific question(s), please let me know in advance. 

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