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Lisa Dostmann

Lisa Dostmann is a science-loving naturopath, certified fasting guide, hypnotherapist, and the mind behind immunoloco. She continues to educate herself and is always looking to connect and collaborate with more experts. To her delight, some of them now also write guest posts on her blog, providing knowledge around an immune system gone crazy.

Her own autoimmune diseases and her patients are a constant drive to delve even deeper into medicine and read scientific papers. You can find her complete story here.

She is vice chairperson of the Association for the Promotion of Allergy and Endoscopy Research in Humans (Verein zur Förderung der Allergie- und Endoskopieforschung am Menschen e.V.). (VAEM e.V.), where she also serves on the scientific advisory board. She is also a member of MCAS Hope e.V. and other organizations.